Board Members

In recognition of School Board Appreciation Month, members of the Cumberland County School Board were honored at the February 3, 2022, meeting. Members were treated to dinner prepared by the Culinary Arts students prior to the meeting. They were then presented with gifts from each of the schools. Elementary school students had also written them thank-you cards for all that they do for students and staff. School Board members include the following: Ms. Ginger Sanderson (District 1, Chair), Mr. G. Lee Dowdy (District 2), Mrs. Latesha Anderson (District 3), Ms. Leigh McCrea (District 4), and Dr. Christine Ross (District 5, Vice-Chair).

Since February 15-19, 2022, is also School Board Clerks Appreciation Week, Clerks of the School Board were also recognized. These included Dr. Elizabeth Jamerson (Clerk) and Mrs. Bernice Ford (Deputy Clerk.)

Pictured Above:

Members of the Cumberland School Board include Mr. Lee Dowdy, Ms. Ginger Sanderson, Ms. Leigh McCrea, and Mrs. Latesha Anderson. [Not pictured is Dr. Christine Ross.]

Clerks of the School Board for Cumberland County Public Schools include Dr. Elizabeth Jamerson and Mrs. Bernice Ford.