CuCPS, in cooperation with family and community, will provide every student with the opportunity for a first class education in a safe, respectful environment. This first class education will ensure that students have the capability to utilize electronic media to access, retrieve, and make use of information. Students will have the ability to apply their technology skills to heighten professional goals as well as personal lives. Teachers will utilize electronic media – including computers, LCD projectors, streaming video, distance learning, DVDs, and interactive technologies – to provide students with the latest in information, classroom presentation, and job/future preparation.

Student IT interns

Student IT interns work closely with students and staff to provide immediate support as needed. Several students work with the division's ITRT to support student and staff technology needs. Our student interns were recently featured in the Virginia School Board Association Showcase.


Cumberland County Public Schools is a member of the Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium. We are one of 26 schools in Region 8. Members meet once per month.

SVRTC Home Page

Annual Awards Links

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Network Administrator/Tech Lead



Click the Link above to Submit a Ticket


Security Awareness

CuCPS is participating in security awareness training with KnowBe4.  KnowBe 4 is designed to phish you and get you to click.  Clickers will be assigned special security awareness training sessions designed to help you identify “phishing and other security” scams.  The spam button will prevent a lot of emails from filling your inbox that can impact security.  If you are unsure whether you are a victim of a security break, reach out.

Malwarebytes is your endpoint protection.

Malwarebytes is your endpoint security software.  It is important that you have it installed on your device and that you keep it updated as needed.  I sent the link to the installer earlier.

I have older devices in my room that I want removed.

If you have devices that you no longer need, please submit a tech ticket and the interns will remove them for you.  Please refrain from putting devices in the hall.

My projection board is older and I would like to get a new one.

All teachers (if not recently been upgraded) will receive a new Dell panel this fall. While we hoped these would be installed over the summer, the items were back ordered and will not be arriving until the end of September.

How do I clean a device?

I recommend dampening a cloth with an antibacterial solution (the cloth should not be wet). Gently rub over the area, ensuring that the fluid is not getting into the keyboard. I have found that pre moistened wipes can be effective as long as the extra liquid is squeezed out prior to using them.

I have put in a ticket but help has not arrived.

Thank you for using the ticket system. We are taking tickets first-come, first serve. Our IT staff (Mr. Motter, Mr. Jones [volunteer], and Student Interns) have been asked to require tickets for documentation purposes. Therefore, it is important to continue using them. Please remember, other than me, all of the other individuals have a class schedule and cannot always be available for support. I also maintain the network, so my availability becomes oftentimes limited. Please be patient as we try our best to service your equipment.

I am using my personal device and need support.

Our IT staff has been instructed not to work on personal devices. We cannot be held responsible.

I am having trouble connecting to WiFi. 

This is somewhat tricky and depends on your location in the buildings. I find that a restart will sometimes clear the WiFi device settings and allow a more stable connection. ADMIN is not a reliable connection in most cases. Avoid using that connection when in hallways and pods. I would reserve the use of ADMIN to offices only. Some areas have TP Links installed. When choosing a TP Link, use the 2.4 connection only. The TP Link 5 connection will not work with our Internet. **Remember, when using your computer at home, you are on a different type of network connection. Therefore, you could be presented with problems connecting when you return to school. A restart will clear this problem and your connection should go back to what you are used to seeing. 

My Computer is asking for an update. 

By all means let your computer do an update. If it is inconvenient at the moment, then schedule it for later in the day. Most of the updates fix commonly known issues that are impacting the performance or security of your device. When you do not update consistently, you end up with extended wait times later, which leads to frustration as you wait. 

I am having trouble with PowerTeacher. 

PowerTeacher runs in sync with PowerSchool. Sometimes during updates, PowerTeacher goes offline. This usually occurs at night or scheduled weekends. It happens off-site and cannot be avoided. If I know a major update is occurring, I will usually let people know. 

Simple Fixes to Rule Out 

1) Ensure that all of your cords are plugged into your device, then restart your computer. This will fix almost every issue 75 percent of the time. 

2) My pen is not connecting. Ensure that your USB cord is attached to your computer and your board. Restart your device. 

3) My sound is not working. Check your sound cable to be sure it is plugged into the board and the computer. Ensure you have checked the volume settings on your computer and that you have selected the appropriate output source. 

4) My board is dim. Using your remote, choose the brightening setting. If this does not fix your issue, then you may need a new bulb. This requires you to submit a ticket, indicating the type of board and projector that you have. Most bulbs have to be ordered, so this will most likely delay your fix. 

5) I cannot print. Make sure you have installed the driver for the printer you are trying to use. Drivers are easy to install. From the search bar in the bottom left corner, type add a printer, select the correct option, and you will be given a choice of network printers available. We do not support setting up personal printers. We also do not put personal printers on the network. 

6) There is no toner in the printer. Please contact your school office. Office staff will order printer cartridges. 

7) I have a student who I cannot log in. Put in a tech ticket for support, indicating the student’s name and what is needed. We have been allowing emails for this as well, since most of the time, it is an easy fix and can be accomplished wherever we may be. 

8) I need more power strips. Please contact your school’s office. Technology does not supply power strips. 

9) My camera is not working. First restart your computer, and then check your camera settings. Usually, this is a driver that has stopped functioning. Sometimes, you may also need to check in your Google Meet settings to make an adjustment. 

10) I need additional devices. Unfortunately, all devices that are available have been distributed to schools and students. Requests for more should be made to your building principal.  

g suite

CuCPS utilizes G Suite for Education as our basic Learning Platform. All students and staff have Gmail accounts. It is important for students to remember to login to devices using their school issued Gmail when accessing the learning platform.

Please follow this link to request a password reset.

g suite

All students and staff have access to Office 365. If a student needs access, please contact Technology to have your account activated.

Amazing and Quick Google Tutorials

(Thanks to creator Amanda Sandoval for sharing this terrific resource! #edchat#edtech)


Free Wifi

CuCPS has WiFi hotspots installed throughout the community at the following locations:

  • American Legion Hall: 913 Old Buckingham Road, Cumberland

  • Cartersville Rescue Squad: 1667 Cartersville Rd, Cartersville (only park in middle area by flag pole)

  • Cartersville Ruritan Club: 2168 Cartersville Road, Cartersville

  • Mama D’s Country Store: 1368 Columbia Road, Columbia

  • Ramans Midway Market: 3156 Cumberland Rd, Cumberland

  • Rocky Mount Baptist Church: 817 Stoney Point Rd, Cumberland

  • Shiloh New Covenant Church: 1665 Anderson Hwy, Cumberland

  • Union Outreach Fellowship Church: 237 Jamestown Road, Cumberland

WiFi Network: Kajeet SmartBus PW: smartbus

All SmartBus locations have a daily cap on the data available to use.


A roaming hotspot will be deployed to the following locations beginning, Tuesday, February 16.

Mondays - Carneal Court - 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Tuesdays- Carriage Hill - 10:00a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Wednesdays - Carneal Court - 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Thursdays - Carriage Hill - 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Friday - Carneal Court - 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., then Carriage Hill 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Other Open Access Points include:

  • Front of Cumberland Middle School: Student emails are used for logging in; normal school filtering rules apply. Maintain all social distancing rules. Do not park in any area that is not designated as a parking space. No one is allowed in any area after dark.

  • New Life Farmville (9 Mahan Road, Farmville): Guest network only; filtering rules apply. Use the upper parking lot. Playground is off limits at all times. Maintain all social distancing rules. Do not park in any area that is not designated as a parking space. No one is allowed in any area after dark.

  • Bear Creek Lake State Park -- Free WiFi access to students on the deck at the Lakeside Diner; Stop at the Park office to receive a complimentary parking pass; 8am - 4pm, 7 days per week; (no electrical power is available at this location for charging laptops or devices) 

Other Technology Resources