Mr. Eugene Williams
CHS 2020 SENIORS!!! On Tuesday June 2, CHS will have a “Diploma Drive Through “Celebration. There will be two sessions: a morning session from 10am-12 noon and an afternoon session from 1pm -3pm. Those seniors who have completed their requirements and passed all of their classes will receive a diploma on that day. We ask that seniors also bring their school laptops/books/uniforms with them so that they can return them to school. The “Diploma Drive-Through” will have three stations: 1) A Laptop/Uniform/School book drop off station 2) A Diploma distribution station 3)a picture taking station. We ask that seniors arrive in their cars wearing their cap and gown so that they will arrive already dressed for the diploma and picture stations. Out of respect for social distancing protocols, parents and students must follow instructions from staff about specifically when to get out of and back into their cars. Students and parents must come through the “drive through” in the same car. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING OUR SENIORS ON TUESDAY JUNE 2!!!
about 1 month ago, Mr. Eugene Williams
Mr. Eugene Williams
CHS SENIORS!!! On Saturday, April 25 from 10 AM to 1 PM, CHS administration will be hosting a DRIVE-THRU SENIOR YARD SIGN HANDOUT in front of the CHS/CMS complex middle school entrance! For social distancing purposes, you and/or your parents will drive up to the middle school entrance, receive your sign through the car window, and go straight home so you can put up your sign! The signs are beautiful and were created as a result of fundraising efforts from the Cumberland community. Starting this weekend, when people drive past your house, they will know that it is the home of a Cumberland Duke from the class of 2020! Come by on Saturday and pick up a sign! We love you and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it!!!
2 months ago, Mr. Eugene Williams
Mr. Eugene Williams
Student Members of Duke Nation and the CHS Family— This is Mr. Williams. I know it has been a challenging past few weeks. You’ve had to stay indoors and make some significant changes about how you operate on a daily basis. I also know that many of you might be anxious thinking about how we’re going to finish out the year, now that the building is closed for at least the final two months of the school year. I want you to know that even though we are not in the building, school WILL continue. Your teachers have been working diligently over these last two weeks on creating online and hard copy learning assignments, for the remainder of the school year, that will expose you to all the material you haven’t had the opportunity to learn yet. The first of these assignments will be made available to you on the school website on April 6th. This coming weekend, I will provide instructions on how to access these assignments and your teachers regardless of whether or not you have internet access. Some teachers will be providing assignments every two weeks for the next six weeks, while others will provide projects that you will have the entire six weeks to complete. The best thing about receiving and completing these assignments, is that doing so will allow failing students to pass while providing enrichment to those students who were already passing their classes. During the next six weeks, CHS teachers will have established “office hours” that can be used to email or call teachers if you need guidance or assistance in completing the assignments. The only week without teacher office hours will be April 13-17 (our original Spring Break). Remember we are “Dukes” which means we are royalty. We can do anything that we put our minds to, and we will end this year successfully no matter what obstacles lie in our path. BE SMART! STAY SAFE! We love all of you...and there’s absolutely NOTHING you can do about it!!! I look forward to calling you this Saturday to let you know specifically how you can access all the activities that your teachers have prepared for you.
3 months ago, Mr. Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams
CHS Seniors. The CHS faculty misses all of you and we hope you and your families are doing well and staying safe at this time. Since you will not be able to present your senior projects in person to our judges, we would like for each of you to submit a 1 to 2 minute “video reflection” on your senior project that will include the following: What your project was Why you chose it as your project What you learned from your project Doing this video will be a great opportunity to show the community and future generations the level of dedication and hard work that you showed in pursuing your project goals. You may submit your videos to Mrs. Haigh through google classroom or email. We can’t wait to see and hear about all the great work you did this year! ...and always remember that Mr. Williams loves you and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it!
3 months ago, Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams
Due to our current school closure, the CHS Prom, that was originally scheduled for April 4th, has been postponed to a future date. As soon as the new date has been established, CHS students and parents will be notified so that they have enough time to purchase gowns and tuxedos for the event.
4 months ago, Eugene Williams
Ashley Long
In-Door Track State Competition @ Roanoke College.
4 months ago, Ashley Long
Jeff Dingeldein
Big Shout Out to Ms. Garrett for collaborating with representatives from the VA Ship Repair Assoc.; BAE Systems; and Newport News Shipbuilding. Their visit to CuCPS was a success and students learned about career opportunities.
4 months ago, Jeff Dingeldein
 The 20th Annual Minority Law and Research Institute (MLARI) held from June 14 – June 26, 2020 at the Southern University Law Center, Baton Rouge, LA. The 2020 MLARI program is open to 5-7 of your students in grades 9-12 who meet the application criteria in order to participate in the 2020 MLARI program. Visit our website at for more information.  The Boys Basketball team won last night against Altavista, 62-54, and will play Sussex on Thursday.
4 months ago, CUCPS