As a student at Cumberland County Elementary School, I pledge to be a student of good character. I will be worthy of trust. I will be determined and engaged, doing what I must. I will always act with kindness as I go through each day. I will be a unified citizen and will always be safe.


“Dukes are Determined, Unified, Kind, Engaged, and Safe.”

At Cumberland Elementary, character counts.

Determined - Acting in a way that demonstrates resolve, purposefulness, and commitment.

Unified - Acting and thinking in a way that values the needs of the team over those of the individual. Taking care of the school community and respecting the authority of the teacher.

Kind - Being considerate, helpful, and generous toward others. Showing others you care about their feelings, well-being, and property.

Engaged - Being involved and committed in a focused manner. Completing tasks with quality and efficiency.

Safe - Acting in a way that protects oneself and others from danger or risk to bodily injury.

Students who follow these School-Wide Expectations will have the opportunity to earn Duke Dollars that can be cashed in for great rewards and fun activities.


At Cumberland County Elementary School, we are proud to implement the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) system at our school. This is a nationally used school-wide behavior system that rewards students for following our school’s expectations, and celebrates great behavior throughout the year. Research shows that as positive behaviors increase, so does academic success.

Students earn “Duke Dollars” for making positive choices in and around our school, which can be cashed in for fun activities and rewards. Additionally, Positive Duke Shout-outs are given for students who exhibit one or more of our school-wide expectations. A school-wide goal is determined, and the reward for making our goal is a Duke Pride Event. All CCES students may participate in this event, once the school-wide goal is met.


If you are interested in helping with Positive Behavior Support in our school, or would like additional information on the activities in the works, please contact our office at 804-492-4212 or tell your child's teacher. Volunteers can serve in many capacities - WE NEED YOU! .


In the cafeteria, Dukes walk through the lunch line quietly, prepared to receive lunch choices. Dukes are engaged by getting all necessary materials, such as milk and utensils, while going through the line. Dukes speak in a clear voice and use Duke manners. Dukes eat their meals and speak in conversational tones. It is important to eat all of our food in order to fuel our brain for the rest of the day, and to make sure that the noise level remains low, and that we can hear our teacher at all times. In order to be safe, it is important that Dukes stay in assigned seats/areas. Dukes show unity by keeping the cafeteria clean, and by picking up trash even if it isn’t our own.


In the Hallway, Dukes show unity by maintaining a quiet zone. We keep our voices at zero or 1 so that we do not disturb classes that are learning. Dukes use walking feet in a straight line to quickly move from place to place. We keep our eyes forward at all times, and we keep hands and feet to ourselves. This ensures everyone’s safety, and that our class will move with purpose and efficiency to our next destination.


In the Classroom, Dukes show determination by completing all assignments and never giving up, even when the work is challenging. We are unified by acting as a learning community and working cooperatively toward a common goal with both teachers and peers. Dukes are kind when we help, praise, and support others, and we remain engaged by staying on task and purposeful in our work. Remember to demonstrate safety by following all classroom rules, using materials appropriately, and by always keeping hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.


The playground is a great place for Dukes to show determination as we use our time wisely in order to exercise and try out new activities. Dukes remain unified by playing as a team and including everyone. We show kindness by sharing materials and equipment, cooperating, showing good sportsmanship, and encouraging and praising others. It is important to remain engaged while on the playground by focusing on playing and exercising. Don’t miss out by standing on the sidelines - participate, be involved, and have fun! Finally, Dukes must stay safe while outside by using equipment properly, and maintaining appropriate personal space and bodily awareness. It is important to always play responsibly, and make sure that the adult knows where we are at all times.


In the bathroom, Dukes are expected to use walking feet, and keep voices off. We help keep the bathroom clean by placing trash in the trashcan and cleaning up after ourselves. We only use the amount of soap and paper towels that we need, remembering that those after us will need these materials. We always use the bathroom in a timely manner, so that we have more time for learning and playing.


While on the Bus, Dukes show determination to stay in our seats, even if something or somebody else tempts us to get up. We are unified because we sit with a buddy, moving over for someone who needs a seat, and making sure that everyone feels included. We demonstrate kindness by making sure the tone and volume of our voices are respectful of the bus driver and others. We are engaged and safe when we remain seated, face forward with our feet toward the front, and when we keep the aisles clear, making sure that our hands, feet, and objects are to ourselves.