CCES: Committed to Building Character and Community, and Empowering Students  


  • Cumberland County Elementary School has the responsibility of setting high expectations for all students and providing the environment, instruction, and support to ensure that all students are learning and achieving as measured by rigorous standards.


  • Faculty/staff accept collective responsibility for the achievement of all students in the school. 

  • All adults work together to ensure that each student receives appropriate instruction and support in a learning-enriched environment. 

  • Both students and adults behave as if they believe the individual and collective efforts will improve performance. 


  • All children can learn, and it’s our job to see that they do. 

  • We have the skills and the will to make a difference in the learning of each child. Failure is not an option. 

  • Each faculty/staff member is responsible for the learning of each child in our school. We share collective responsibility for their learning.