Monday, October 23, 2017
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Forensics Champs

On February 22, 2014, the Cumberland Forensics team competed with teams from the area at Galileo Magnet High School in Danville, VA. They came home as the Conference 44 champions. Individual results included the following:

Impromptu Speaking—Alexa Massey, 1st Place; and Morgan Duncan, 4th Place

Dramatic Interpretation—Katy Smith, 2nd Place; and John Jefferies, 3rd Place

Original Oratory—Amatul Fulani, 2nd Place

Humorous Interpretation—Leah Wells, 1st Place; Riley Giles, 3rd Place

Extemporaneous Speaking—Brittny Price, 1st Place; Madeline Johnston, 4th Place

Poetry Reading—Chelsea Deane, 1st Place; Treyanna Randolph, 3rd Place

Prose Reading—Kaylyn Sparkman, 4th Place, Rebecca Stevens, 5th Place

Storytelling—Tamara Wright, 2nd Place; Zyaira Booker, 4th Place

Serious Duo—Katy Hougland and Demory Williamson, 1st Place

Humorous Duo—Kathleen Edwards and Shana Swanson, 1st Place

Students will now compete in the 1A East Regional Competition on March 1, 2014, at West Point High School.


ROW 1: Madaline Johnston (grade 9), Katey Hougland (grade 9), Demory Williamson (grade 9), Tamara Wright (grade 12), and Kateleen Edwards (grade 9). ROW 2: Shayna Swanson (grade 9), Brittny Price (grade 9), Alexa Massey (grade 11), Charles Haigh (Coach), Leah Wells (grade 9), Kaylyn Sparkman (grade 8), Morrgan Duncan (9), and Riley Jo Giles (9). ROW 3: Amatul-Malik Fulani (grade 10), John Jefferies (grade 9), Zyaira Booker (grade 9), Kathryn Smith (grade 10), Treyanna Randolph (grade 9), Rebekah Stevens (grade 9), and Chelsea Deane (grade 12).

DSC 0022

For the first time, students from Cumberland County Public School (CUCPS) attended the annual Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program (YADAPP) held July 15-19, 2013, at Longwood University. Students focused on the effects and prevention of drug abuse in their school and community and discussed how they could make a difference.  Conference activities ran from 9:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M., and accommodations were provided by Longwood University.

As part of the Conference, each team was asked to develop a Strategies To Act Now Plan (STAN Plan). Cumberland was awarded a $250 mini-grant for their Plan. Their winning STAN Plan included actions such as revamping the D.A.R.E. program, combining efforts with an anti-bullying campaign (Rachel's Challenge), and inviting guest speakers to discuss the challenges teens face and the consequences of poor choices. The students will present their STAN Plan to the administration in September 2014 and hope to start implementation by October of this year. 

Team members included three upcoming juniors Alex Blanton, Justin Caban, and Mierra Edwards, as well as sophomore Storm Hawk. Justin Caban has been chosen as a 2014 YADAPP Youth Leader. Working with other Youth Leaders, Justin will be leading various activities in the program for over 400 students.  They were led by the CUCPS student government sponsor, Charles Haigh. The students were recognized at the February meeting of the Cumberland School Board for their achievements.

Since YADAPP started in 1984, over 440 schools and 10,000 students have helped their schools learn about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.  This year's conference had over 100 teams from across the state that came together, shared ideas, and competed for STAN Plan mini-grants and Wheeler Awards. A $500 grant was awarded to the school that had the most successful implementation of their previous year's STAN Plan.

Photo:  Justin Caban, who was selected to be a YADAPP Youth Leader, was presented with a certificate of recognition for his achievement at the February meeting of the Cumberland School Board.

DSC 0039

Inspired by an idea by Addy Carney, a first grader in Mrs. Saunders’ homeroom, and Mrs. Gills’ passion for serving our community, an after-school service and leadership group for students in grades 1-4 called the Little Dukes Leaders has been founded.  The group meets twice a month after school to work on student-led service projects. Examples of their leadership include writing cards to soldiers, gifts to the Senior Citizens through the Cumberland Christmas Mother, and reading the morning announcements at the elementary school.

The students made a presentation to the School Board at the February meeting to provide information about the goals and projects of the organization. Their presentation highlighted their leadership and communication skills.

FRONT ROW:  Biance Brevard, Shaiann Allen, JaMyra Vick, Addison Carney, Abigail Winslow, Dawson Atkins, Samantha Price, Isabelle Atkins, Shaylynn Rublee, Juniper Ludgate, and Robert King. BACK ROW: Maya Bell, Alyssa Blevins, Lydia Hurt, Nia Davis, Kamirah Brown, Cole Dalton, Shelia' Robinson, ShaNyla Allen, Taylor Hughes, Brandon Diming, Callie Dominick, and Baileigh Meinhard. NOT PICTURED: Emily Eroh, Robert Trent, Joshua Alexander, Addison Meinhard, Emily Czeizinger, Kyler Gilliam, and Jessica Kotulak.

The Superintendent's Proposed Budget for 2014-2015 has been posted on our Finance Page.  Here are links to those documents, as well: