Thursday, March 22, 2018
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At the August meeting School Board meeting, the members of the Board recognized all school employees who have reached the service milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40+ years of service. All service award recipients were recognized with gifts based on milestone years. Recipients and their family members/guests were also invited to attend a reception in their honor prior to the start of the School Board meeting. Recipients included the following:

5 Years: Lalita Baker, Myrna Barr, Brittany Doss, Catherine
Fleischman, Virginia Gills, Ace Kinney, Karen Langhorne, Omar Liggins, Paul Nelson, Christina Pearman, Matthew Pearman, Cheri Raby, Reginald Reed, Joanna Reid, Stefanie Riviere, Lileeta Royall, Judy Scruggs, Heather Sutton, Wendy Tillett, Claudette Trent, Cynthia Trent, Anna Wieder

10 Years: Frank Ben Baldwin, Frances Booker, Josephine Brooks, Margaret Dawson, Amy Griffin, Roxanne Hammonds, Margaret Korrow, James Lampkin, Gail Owens, Jeffrey Scales

15 Years: Margie Davis, Honey Filliben, Stephanie Hammond,
Stephen Hughes, Barbara Lee, Brenda Lewis, Mark Mabey, B. Todd Meinhard, Charles Motter, Rita Saunders, Laurie Shelton, Wanda Smith-Childress, Meredith Williams

20 Years: Cheryl Dalton, Fancelle Liggins, Catina Settle

25 Years: Susan Jackson, Phyllis Langhorne

30 Years: E. Sue Price

The School Board and administration extended congratulations to all employees who have reached a service milestone.

Compensation Grant Photo

At a press conference held at Andrew Lewis Middle School, Governor Bob McDonnell announced the recipients of the Strategic Compensation Grants awarded by the state. The grant provides performance and incentive payments to teachers who meet goals related to student achievement, professional growth, and leadership. This grant program is part of the Governor’s education reform agenda.

Thirteen school divisions were awarded grants, which ranged from $850,000 to $26,250. Cumberland received $107,000, which will be used to compensate teachers who have meet requirements identified in the grant, including increasing student performance. Other counties receiving awards included Amelia, Chesapeake, Dinwiddie, Fluvanna, Gloucester, Goochland, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Portsmouth, Roanoke, Salem, and Suffolk.

Dr. Amy Griffin (Superintendent), Mr. Chip Jones, (Assistant Superintendent), and Mrs. Elizabeth Jamerson (Director of Human Resources) were present at the Governor’s press conference. At the conference, Governor McDonnell noted, “Since the beginning of this administration, we have worked to implement reforms to ensure that all children, regardless of their zip code, have access to a quality education. These grants move us closer to achieving this goal by rewarding excellence and leadership while providing incentives for good teachers who take on challenges in the schools where they are needed the most. Teachers who stay late, mentor new colleagues, accept assignments in hard-to-staff schools and whose students consistently do well deserve more than our thanks; they deserve to be rewarded. I congratulate these 13 school divisions for their openness to reform and innovation and their willingness to collaborate with teachers on how best to achieve strategic goals for improving student outcomes.”

Pictured: Mr. Chip Jones and Dr. Amy Griffin attend the Governor’s press conference.







Schools in Cumberland County opened on Monday, August 12, 2013, for all students. Teachers and administrators were visible, especially at the elementary school, to ensure that all students found their way to the right classrooms. Students quickly adjusted to the revised bus drop-off schedules and other changes to the school day. Many parents and grandparents were also on the scene to watch their children start the school year.




New teachers arrived at Cumberland County Public Schools for the New Teacher Institute, held July 30-31, 2013. New teachers received training in 21st Century Learning strategies, an overview of available instructional technology, an update on school policies and procedures, and a review of the recently implemented uniform teacher evaluation tool. In addition, new teachers had an opportunity to meet their mentors and to participate in team-building activities.

Cumberland has five new teachers for the upcoming school year:  Mrs. DeVonna Blevins-Marble, CMS English teacher; Ms. Caitlin DelGiorno, CES 4th Grade teacher; Mr. Kenneth Dew, CMS math teacher; Ms. Courtenay Kelly, CHS Dual Enrollment history teacher; and Mr. Ben Tyree, CMS history teacher. In addition to the five new teachers, Mrs. Nikki Atkinson returned to CMS as a science teacher after a brief absence from CUCPS.

Four other teachers changed schools. Mrs. Tracey Armwood moved to the high school to teach Dual Enrollment English and Senior Project; Mr. John Brandt returned to the high school to teach history and social studies; Mrs. Rachel Price returned to the elementary school to teach 1st grade; and Mrs. Elizabeth Whiley went to the high school to teach math, including geometry.

Top Left:  Mrs. Sherrie Snead meets with her new mentee, Mrs. DeVonna Blevins-Marble.

Top Right:  New teachers include DeVonna Blevins-Marble, Kenneth Dew, Courtenay Kelly, Caitlin DelGiorno, Ben Tyree, and Nikki Atkinson.

Bottom:  Ben Tyree, assisted by Caitlin DelGiorno, presents a non-linguistic representation as part of the session on 21st Century learning skills.