Friday, April 19, 2019
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CUCPS Wins VSBA Food for Thought Competition Featured

The VSBA holds an annual Food for Thought competition. The competition was created in 2012 to educate, engage, and empower school leaders to address childhood hunger and provide all students in Virginia with healthier, more nutritious school meals. The competition is divided into three separate categories—Healthy School Meals, Meal Access to Fight Hunger, and Wellness and Physical Activity. This year Cumberland County Public Schools (CUCPS) won in the category of Wellness and Physical Activity.

CUCPS has long recognized the need for students to participate in wellness activities. One phase of the program was to make students and staff members aware of the value of movement. Teachers implemented strategies such as brief stretching or walking breaks in the classroom, activities that allowed students to be hands-on and moving, and after school activities that involved lots of physical activity. The second phase of the wellness plan taught students the importance of making healthy choices, including those concerning good nutrition.

Mrs. Kim Williamson was presented with the award at the August 13, 2018, meeting of the School Board. She and her students played an instrumental role in achieving this award. They learned how to grow and harvest their own food, then learned to prepare nutritious meals with the food, and finally shared the food they had grown with the cafeteria and the local food bank.

The award will be placed in the CUCPS cafeteria with previous Food for Thought awards.


Kim Williamson accepts award

Mrs. Kim Williamson accepts the Food for Thought award at the August 13, 2018, meeting of the Cumberland School Board.

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