Friday, April 19, 2019
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Cumberland School Board Recognizes Students Attending Truth Empowerment Summit Featured

At their August meeting, the members of the Cumberland School Board recognized the students who attended the Truth Empowerment Summit. The Summit, which was held at Longwood University and the Moton Museum from July 9-11, was intended to bring students together with teachers, counselors, and other community leaders to develop plans for creating a culture of encouragement and kindness. Students gave a presentation to the School Board to outline their plans for creating a more positive culture at CUCPS.

Students from Cumberland County Public Schools attending the Summit included the following:

Cumberland Middle School:  Cole Dalton, Madeline Hartley, Taylor Hughes, Baileigh Meinhard, Celest Mitchell, and Valencia Valentin.

Cumberland High School:  Antonio Allen, Gabriella Baker, Kamirah Brown, Kristin Caleb, Geneva Curtin, Kyle Fant, Caitlin Hartley, Dawn Helton, Devondre Holman, Mariah Paras, La-Teairra Pegram, Shelia Robinson, Vydez Scott, and Helena Trent.

Students were accompanied by teachers Mrs. Norma Crenshaw and Ms. Anna Wieder.


Truth Summit Students


FRONT ROW:  Gabriella Baker, Geneva Curtin, Helena Trent, Kamirah Brown, Celeste Mitchell, Sheila Robinson, Valencia Valetin. BACK ROW:  Mrs. Norma Crenshaw, Kyle Fant, La-Teairra Pegram, Taylor Hughes, Caitlin Hartley, Madeline Hartley, Baileigh Meinhard, Cole Dalton, Kristen Caleb, and Ms. Anna Wieder.

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