Monday, October 23, 2017
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The Cumberland High School (CHS) Forensics Team swept both their second consecutive James River District competition this past Wednesday and their fourth consecutive conference championship at the Conference 42 Championship held on Saturday February 4. With several first, second, and third place finishes, the team is poised to defend the Region 1A East title at West Point next month.

The James River District competition was hosted by Goochland High School on February 1, and consisted of two rounds of competition. CHS students earned five first-place finishes including Seniors Brittny Price, extemporaneous speaking; Demory Williamson, serious interpretation; Madaline Johnston, prose interpretation; Kaylah Paras, poetry interpretation; and John Jefferies, humorous interpretation. Other notable winners included second place finishes for Penny Dorsey, Blessin Franklin, Munirah Fulani, Shayna Swanson, and the duo of Ella Kinney and Nick Overton; third place finishes were awarded to Acadia Czeizinger, Caylor Scales, and the duo of Raheema Fulani and Annabelle Williamson.

Their finishes earned CHS first place in the James River District for a second consecutive year.

On Saturday, the team continued their winning streak and won their fourth consecutive conference championship after sweeping the Conference 42 Forensics tournament.  

Under the leadership of team captain senior Demory Williamson, and Coach Charles Haigh, the CHS Forensics Team earned first place finishes for Brittny Price, Katey Hougland, John Jefferies, Kaylah Paras, Demory Williamson, Annabelle Williamson and Raheema Fulani. Team members Jenice Crump, Munirah Fulani, Kaylyn Sparkman, Penelope Dorsey, Caylor Scales, Acadia Czeizinger, Madaline Johnston, Shayna Swanson, Ella Kinney and Nick Overton all scored second place, and Blessin Franklin earned third. The team now prepares to defend the 1A East Regional title at West Point next month, and hopes to win their third consecutive regional championship.

CHS Conf 42 Forensics Champs.jpg


Team members pose with the Conference 42 trophy. FRONT ROW: Blessin Franklin, Raheema Fulani, Munirah Fulani, Kaylyn Sparkman, Caylor Scales, Katey Hougland, Demory Williamson (captain), Annabelle Williamson, Penny Dorsey, Jenice Crump, Acadia Czeizinger, and Carly Thompson. BACK ROW: Kaylah Paras, John Jefferies, Charles Haigh (coach), Brittny Price, Aleya Robert, Madaline Johnston, Nick Overton, and Ella Kinney.



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